Rather than buying new toys, consider:

  • Buying fewer toys and put your savings towards fun family experiences like tickets to a musical event, learn to cook workshop or a tramping weekend. This can lead to more quality time together and less focus on ‘stuff’.
  • Joining your local Toy Library
  • Buying second-hand toys online, from the The Tip Shop or your local op shop. This will prolong the useable life of these items and save you money!
  • Repairing the toys you have, for instance check if you can get your old scooter or bikes fixed at your local bike shop or look online for parts and fix it yourself.

If you choose to buy new, consider:

  • Buying toys made locally from natural products such as wood, cotton or wool. This will mean at the end of the toy's life it can be composted – no waste!
  • Choosing quality over quantity, these quality items are more likely to hold their value and be easy to hand on or on sell. 
  • Products that are proven to be easily repairable.

Knitted toy holding toothbrush


Above article and image courtesy of Wellington City Council.