Low waste parties

Kids’ parties can be time consuming, expensive and generate a lot of waste. Here are a few tips to minimise this:

  • Organise your party at home or a picnic in the park rather than a hosted, catered party.
  • Add a note on the invite suggesting second hand presents or a donation towards one big present are welcome. Consider giving experiences over things, e.g. tickets to the movies or a music event, bowling, laser strike.
  • Keep the food simple, a combination of fresh and things you can prepare in advance and freeze. A good line up is: vege sticks with dips, pizza cut into small squares, a fruit platter, some fun decorative sweets and cake!
  • Avoid single use cups and cutlery, usually there are plenty of helpful hands to help wash up your reusable plates at the end of the party. 
  • Aim for reusable decorations, either buy them or make your own, keep them in a box and you can pull them out year after year. Use old fabric to make bunting and even a fabric ‘happy birthday’ message. Flowers are a great decoration, tied to string as bunting or displayed in lots of little vases. Avoid single use items, such as balloons; a ribbon on the mail box will do just fine. 
  • Buy or make party games that can be reused or play activity based games. Try "Pass the Parcel" with second-hand books or toys, use old wrapping paper, pillow cases or napkins and ribbon for the wrapping; music based games like musical chairs or statues; or treasure hunt with food treats.
  • Don’t feel pressured into making elaborate goodie bags; just a piece of cake as your guests leave is perfect. 

Above article courtesy of Wellington City Council.

Girl eating watermelon