Sustainable gift-wrapping

Reusable shopping bags

These can be easily bought if your time or sewing skills are sparse. But if you want to make them yourself, check out this tutorial on making a bag out of an old pillowcase. 


Furoshiki - Japanese fabric wrapping

Generally for this you just need a square of fabric that will fit your gift. There are a lot of different techniques to accommodate different shapes.

For fabric, you can just use scraps from Op Shops with overlockered edges, but you could use bandannas, scarves or plain fabric with unfinished edges if you desire (image below courtesy of Wellington City Council).


Reused wrapping paper

Nothing says frugal like reused wrapping paper! But it isn't just better for your pocket - you are changing it from being single use, to reusable! You might as well get as much life out of each piece of reindeer wrapping as you can!


Recycled brown paper

If you are going to buy anything to wrap gifts, recycled brown paper is a good option; it is the most sustainable way to buy 'new' and you can use it for various things after it is no longer wrapping, like to put your organics scraps in the green bin in!


Second-hand biscuit tins

If you can't be bothered wrapping at all, bang it in a tin!