If you are wanting to try your best at zero waste gift giving, chances are you are starting to get things early. Not only can zero waste be better for the planet, it often means more meaningful, thoughtful gift.


Zero waste gift giving

Go zero waste shopping

  • Take a jar into a coffee roaster and personalize the blend for your caffeine addicted loved one.
  • Buy some delightful soaps and shampoo bars for family members that you want to slowly convert to sustainable options. Who can go back from beer and honey soap?! No one!
  • Make up some 'Make your own' kits - a jar of almonds with cheese cloth for almond milk; a yogurt maker and instructions for zero waste yogurt; bees wax wrap kits.
  • For all those family members that like the idea of sustainable living, but haven't quite made the leap - get them colourful produce bags, stainless steel straws, reusable coffee cups, bees wax wraps, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable shopping bags, glass jars... all the little things that might make a big change!!

Eco-friendly gifts


Go second-hand shopping

Second hand stores offer a huge range of options that would otherwise be beyond some people's spending abilities. They bring a lot of inspiration for gift ideas - much more so than walking back and forth through a mall with shops all full of similar things. Check out the hardware sections for the dads, the crafts and ornaments for the mums, the toys for the kids, the kitchenware for the flatting siblings, the pictures for the art collectors... there is something for everyone.


Make something

This category is endless! Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration.

  • knitting, sewing, crafting
  • preserves, soda syrups, vanilla essence
  • bees wax wraps, candles, dried flowers


Grow something

Why not gift plants for Christmas? Succulents and cacti are easy as you can easily grab little pups, or babies, off them. This makes them zero waste as well as cheap and full of character. If you don't have a green thumb you could visit your closest Community Garden and purchase some locally grown plants while supporting those in your community.