Why is it important?

  • 83% of consumers believe the way businesses talk about their social and environmental commitments is confusing. It is important to provide clear information to your customers.
  • One in five say choosing a brand that either operates in a sustainable manner or helps them live a lower-impact life are the most important factors in their purchase decision

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How to communicate sustainability with customers

  • Engaged staff are a vehicle for communicating your company's sustainability with customers. If staff understand the work you are doing for the environment, they can share that through their interactions with others.
  • Transparency is important - you don't have to be doing everything perfectly, but acknowledging the challenges and being transparent shows your customers that you are trying. Green washing is prevalent and customers are often sceptical of business claims.
  • Consider ways that you can certify to show the public what environmental work you are doing.
  • Harness the power of social media for communicating your environmental work.